Phone Consultation. Contact Dr. Reichert to set up a brief phone consultation to discuss what you're looking for and if she may be a good fit to work with you, your child or your family. Before beginning therapy, Dr. Reichert will meet with you for an intake session or sessions. In most cases, Dr. Reichert meets with parents for one session and your child for another; this typically takes two sessions or one 2-hour session. The intake period allows Dr. Reichert to learn more about your history, the struggles that led you to her office, and what things you've already tried to address the problems you/your child/your family are experiencing. At the end of the intake, Dr. Reichert will discuss treatment goals and suggestions for working together. After agreeing on a set of treatment goals, weekly therapy will begin.  

Fees. Dr. Reichert is an an out-of-network provider. Rates are adjusted periodically, so please call to discuss her current rate. Reduced fee services for those experiencing financial hardship are available on a limited basis. Payment is required at the time of each session and may be made by cash or check. Dr. Reichert is not currently accepting credit cards.

Certain health insurance policies provide coverage for out-of-network mental health services. However, you (not your insurance company) are responsible for full payment of fees. On request, Dr. Reichert will provide you with a monthly statement to submit to your health insurance provider or a health savings account.  If you plan to use your insurance, you should contact your insurance carrier prior to your first session and ask about your benefits for psychotherapy. Depending on your plan, insurance companies may reimburse 20-80% of the session fee. Check with your health insurance plan to learn more.

Cancellation Policy. Clients will be responsible for the full fee in the event of a missed or cancelled appointment with less than 48 hours notice. Please be aware that insurance companies do not reimburse for cancelled or missed sessions and it is your responsibility to pay the fee in full.